Inspire 3D is pleased to announce that it has added the Blueprinter 3D printer to its range of machines. 

Inspire 3D have been appointed the official reseller in Ireland for BluePrinter. This is an exciting time at Inspire 3D with the arrival of the first Blueprinter in Ireland we are all looking forward to demonstrating its capabilities.

With the growing influence of 3D printing in design and industry we have seen a rapid growth in 3D printers on the market over the last few years mainly focused on FDM technology.The Blueprinter brakes away from this trend with its Selective Heat Sintering (SHS™) technology and offers a low cost alternative to the more expensive SLS process. Bringing in house nylon part production within the grasps of designers.

About the BluePrinter

The proprietary SHS™ technology, which is similar to laser sintering, facilitates the printing of professional plastic 3D models. Like laser sintering, SHS™ produces complex parts which are robust, and simple to print but much more cost-effective. SHS™ technology differs from laser sintering technology in that it uses a thermal print head as opposed to a laser. The thermal print head applies heat on layers of thermoplastic powder in the build chamber, thus making the forming of any complex geometry possible. SHS™ 3D printing is therefore the economic alternative for the creation of inexpensive prototypes for concept evaluation, fit/form and functional testing, as well as of complex geometries with moving parts. The technology is highly efficient, for example multiple 3D models can be created, several 3D models can be loaded and printed at the same time, and printing solid models can be performed within a short space of time. Moreover, there is no need for support material or post-curing of models.


SHS™ and Printer Features

  • SHS™ technology uses a thermal printhead as opposed to a laser in SLS machines
  • The thermal printhead applies heat on layers of thermoplastic powder in the build chamber
  • Free forming of any complex geometry (minimum wall thickness is 1 mm)
  • Load and print several 3D models
  • 100% web based interface (work with Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Removal of excess powder can take place inside the printer or in a separately powder removal station (accessory)


  • Build chamber (mm): 200 x 160 x 140 (X * Y * Z)
  • Printing speed: 2-3 mm/hour
  • Layer thickness: 0.1 mm
  • File formats: STL
  • Printer dimensions (cm): 115 x 51 x 57 (W * D * H)


  • Thermoplastic powder optimized to work with SHS™ Technology
  • Monocrome white which can be dyed or painted to suit your needs
  • Unused powder is re-usable
  • No need for additional support materials – models being build are supported by the powder in the build chamber

If you would like more information on the Blueprinter call us on 087 739 0226 or E-Mail: