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Our online file uploader provides you with several options for your design
High Detail;

The envisionTEC Perfactory, using resins and DLP technology to produce incredible detail and an excellent surface finish.
Resins for;
Investment casting, Biocompatible grade 2 applications, High temperature applications and General high quality prototypes
Max Build;
82 x 62 x 230mm (WxDxH)

The objet connex and eden machines can print in high detail with layers as thin as 0.015mm and a minimum feature thickness of 0.6mm.
Available in;
Vero white,Vero grey,Vero clear and ABSlike green
Max Build;
500 x 400 x 200mm

Combination of materials is available on the Objet machines, please contact us for more information

Full Colour;
The Z Printer, the only true full colour 3d printer providing 24 bit colour, using powders for support and structure with the option of post production sanding and infusing to give a stronger and finer detailed model.
Max Build;
250 x 350 x 200 mm

On the Dimension 1200 and fortus 400 we print in ABS grade plastics available in a variety of colours giving you both functional and colourful prototypes.
Available in;
Ivory, white, black, red, olive green, nectarine, fluorescent yellow, blue or gray
Max Build;
400 x 350 x 400 mm

Plastic Additive Manufacturing;

The most commonly used material in plastic AM, producing parts with good long term stability, strength and durability required for functional testing. Offering resistance to most chemicals, it is harmless to the environment, safe to use with foodstuff and is non-hygroscopic, thereby avoiding the requirement to seal the surface on components being used with liquids.

Glass Filled Nylon
Providing greater rigidity and is perfect when prototyping rigid parts intended for production. The filler is glass bead and not fibre increasing the stiffness but not strength.

Metal Additive Manufacturing;

Aluminium AlSi10Mg
A typical casting alloy used for parts with thin walls and complex geometry. It offers good strength, hardness and dynamic properties and is therefore also used for parts that are subject to high loads. Parts are ideal for applications which require a combination of good thermal properties and low weight.

Cobalt Chrome Alloy
A fine powder mixture which produces parts in a cobalt-chrome-molybdenum based super-alloy. This class of super-alloy is characterized by having excellent mechanical properties (strength, hardness etc.), corrosion and temperature resistance. Such alloys are commonly used in biomedical applications such as dental and medical implants and also for high-temperature engineering applications such as in aero engines

This is a list of materials provided by our online system, if you require a combination of materials or a more complex build on the connex machine please contact us before uploading your file.

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Low Volume

When you need only a few final products or a limited edition artistic design, Inspire 3D can help bring your product to market.

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Rapid Prototyping

From a functional prototype to a design idea with RPT you can get your ideas to market faster than with conventional model making.

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This range of rapid prototyping solutions means that we can offer the appropriate technology for your modelling needs.

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Inspire 3D offer a wide range of materials from white ABS to multi-colour powders, flexible to rigid we have the solution for you.

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"I found Mark and the guys at Inspire 3D to be very helpful and professional. They took a real interest in my prototype and wanted it to be 100% perfect. I will certainly use Inspire again."

P. Fitzgerald

"I was really impressed at the cutting edge technology Inspire 3D have in-house. It was a real pleasure to work with an Irish business right on my doorstep to help guide me to produce my products."

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"Big thanks to Mark and team for producing my demo-prototype so quickly. It was even better than I had envisaged. I would have no issues recommending Inspire 3D to friends and colleagues."

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